It's got to be up there with Afternoon Tea Week as the most British of the food-related celebrations - British Pie Week.

From apple pie to steak and ale, chicken and leek to lemon meringue - there's a pie for every occasion! Check out our 'British Pie Week' Pinterest board for inspiration and pie recipes.

So you're ready to hit the kitchen and make pie for dinner - do you have the right kitchenware to make your favourites? Here's a little peek at some of the more specialist pie-making tools you might need.

British Pie Week - Crusty Bake deep pie tinCrusty Bake Deep Pie Tin - £6.75
Perforations along the base and sides remove moisture to create a golden-brown, crisp crust

British Pie Week - Game Pie tinGame Pie Tin - £12.49
Side walls lift away to release the pie without damaging the edges

British Pie Week - Heart-Shaped pie mouldHeart-Shaped Pie Mould - £3.99
Make individual pies and turnovers easily

British Pie Week - Pie weightsSilicone Pie Weights - £7.99
Blind bake pastry with a connected chain of weights - much easier than baking beans

British Pie week - Pork Pie DollyBeech Pork Pie Dolly - £9.99
For making hand-raised pies with a hot water crust

Happy Pie Making!Roast chicken, ham and leek pie image from delicious magazine