These must-have products are our Christmas kitchen essentials for a fuss-free festive dinner.

Roasting tray
There's lots to choose from - find the perfect roasting tray for you. Save on washing up with a disposable foil roasting tray or invest in a hob- and oven-safe enamel roasting tray to make your gravy without the faff of pouring hot roasting juices from the tray to a pan.

Roasting rack
Keep the meat clear of the juices, so it cooks evenly all-round - standard and adjustable versions available

Poultry lifters
Move the roast to a carving dish with ease - get yourself a pair of poultry lifters.

Insulated gravy jug
Make gravy when it suits you and keep it warm until dinner's served, with an insulated gravy jug.

Carving knife set
Carving the bird is easy, with the right tools. A carving board with spikes will stop the meat slipping away from you, and a carving fork with a guard will keep your fingers safe. Whether you prefer a traditional carving knife and fork set or an electric carving knife, we have products at all prices - from professional carving sets to a great knife, fork and board set.

Storage tubs
Leftovers are inevitable - and quite essential for making an easy Boxing Day lunch. Store them safely in air-tight containers.

Gravy separator
Now, we're not suggesting that your gravy would be lumpy..! But these clever gravy separator jugs have another purpose - the lovely gravy pours from the bottom, and the fat that's risen to the top is trapped and left behind. So you have calories free for another roastie!

Kitchen timer
Work out your schedule and stick to it - use a kitchen timer rather than remembering to check the clock all morning.

Oven to table dishes
Keep the washing up to a minimum and make serving dinner easier, with oven-to-table dishes. Take the roast potatoes, stuffing,  cauliflower cheese, etc out of the oven, then just put them on the table and let everyone help themselves.

Food warmer
There's always someone with room for seconds - so keep things warm for them with a food warmer.

Potato ricer
When roast potatoes just aren't enough, who can resist creamy clouds of mash? A potato ricer will ensure it's soft and smooth - potato perfection!

Stacking steamers take up less space, so you can do everyone's favourite vegetables without taking over the whole hob. Or use an electric steamer and the timer function will mean one less thing you have to remember!

Baster, foil, roasting bags
Whichever method you prefer - a baster, plenty of thick foil, or in an easy-peasy roasting bag - make sure you keep the meat moist for a mouthwatering festive feast.

Meat thermometer
You can never be too careful! Check the meat's properly cooked with a meat thermometer.

Teapot/wine chiller
Whatever you prefer, you've earned it! Put your feet up and get someone to fetch you a drink. Happy Christmas!