Need a centrepiece for your party? This impressive sweetie pail Hallowe'en party cake is quick and easy to make, and will delight sweet-toothed guests of all ages.

Make 2 cakes of any flavour you choose, using a bundt tin - to make it really easy, click here for cake mix. Cut the top off one to form a flat base, and use a round cutter to increase the size of the central hole.

Hallowe'en party cake - image 1

Use orange-coloured buttercream to sandwich the cakes together and cover the outside

Hallowe'en party cake - image 2

Cover the cakes with orange sprinkles - to make it really easy, skip this step. Use black icing to make a carved pumpkin face on one side of the cake and a 'handle' around the top - or use a liquorice lace instead

Hallowe'en party cake - image 3

Place your Hallowe'en party cake on a cake board and fill the centre with sweets of your choice. Ta-dah!

Hallowe'en party cake - image 4

Many thanks to The Cake Blog for the idea and images