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Having a Hallowe'en party? Easy themed party food and decorations with one simple tool - Hallowe'en biscuit cutters.

Biscuit cutters - sandwiches1) SandwichesUse your biscuit cutters to cut the childrens' favourite flavours into spooky shapes for an easy-and-impressive party platter. Why keep this just for Hallowe'en? Brighten up everyday lunches and never have boring square sandwiches again! Image from Tonya Staab

Biscuit cutters - tortilla chips2) Tortilla chipsGot dips? Make chips! Cut tortillas into fun party shapes with your cutters, sprinkle with your favourite seasoning, then bake to make a crunchy snack. Name your dips for extra Hallowe'en party points - anyone for ghoulish guacamole slime? Image from Simply Designing

Biscuit cutters - saltdough shapes3) Saltdough shapesMake a glittery garland of Hallowe'en shapes to decorate the house for your party. Use your biscuit cutters to cut shapes from saltdough (click here for a saltdough recipe - it's really easy!) and poke a hole in the top of each shape for hanging. Bake, then paint and sprinkle liberally with glitter. Tie a ribbon through the hole and hang up your Hallowe'en decorations.Image from Honeybear Lane

Biscuit cutters - pancake moulds4) PancakesStart Hallowe'en in spook-tacular style with pancakes for breakfast. But not the crepe-style ones we have on Pancake Day - thick fluffy American-style ones, in Hallowe'en shapes, of course! Don't buy special pancake moulds, all you need is biscuit cutters and an American pancakes recipe. Now, who's got the maple syrup? Image from GeekAlerts

Biscuit cutters - potato stamps for painting5) Potato painting stampsEasy Hallowe'en craft for little ones - so long as a grown-up makes the stamps, of course! Cut a potato in half, push the cutter into the cut side, cut around the edge with a knife, and remove the cutter. Now all you need is small plates filled with paint, plenty of paper, and an enthusiastic young artist. Image from Gardenista

Biscuit cutters - surprise cake6) Surprise cakeWhat could be better than chocolate cake with a surprise inside? Cut a slice and - BOO! - there's a little white ghost! Bake the white cake, then cut with your ghost biscuit cutter. Line up the ghpst shapes in a loaf tin, cover with chocolate cake mix and bake. Decorate, slice and enjoy! Swap the cakes around to make a bat cake, or make ginger cake and use a pumpkin cutter - whatever your favourite flavours and shapes are. Click here for the recipe. Image from Sewlicious Home Decor

Biscuit cutters - painting stamps7) Paint stampsEven easier than the potato stamps! Just fill a shallow plate with paint, dip a cutter in and press onto paper. Best with plastic biscuit cutters, with the thickest side dipped into the paint. Stick-on googly eyes are a fun finishing touch. Image from Roo's Casa

Biscuit cutters - pumpkin carving8) Pumpkin carvingNow you weren't expecting that, were you? We love this idea - so simple it's almost obvious! Just tap your cutters in with a mallet - for small pumpkins they'll go all the way through, for large ones you'll have to pull them back out with pliers and finish the job with a knife. Much easier than trying to cut around paper templates, don't you think? Image from Built by Kids

Biscuit cutters - gingerbread men9) BiscuitsOK, it's not that creative, as that's what they're made for. But what if you don't have any Hallowe'en cutters? Simple - use a gingerbread man shape and get creative with your icing! Image from Skip to my Lou

Feeling inspired and ready to hit the kitchen? Here's a brilliantly-easy gingerbread biscuit recipe.

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Feature image from Big Fat Cook