The Story Behind The Hot Cross Bun & Why We Eat Them At Easter?

Easter just wouldn’t be the same without Hot Cross Buns. They are deliciously sweet, a little sticky and because they are risen with yeast they are hearty and satisfying. They can be eaten as they are or toasted and slathered in butter.

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5 Ways To Kick Start A Healthy New Year

2021 hasn’t quite had the start we had all hoped for, but don’t let that put a dampener on your plans or resolutions. The pandemic is causing a lot of restrictions for many and as a result it can be easy to fall into bad habits. Your mental and physical

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Everything You Need To Know About Steam Cleaning

Steam is the easiest, cleanest and most environmentally safe way to clean your home. This natural method is the perfect alternative to chemical cleaning products. There are a variety of different steam cleaners on the market today that have been designed to

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How To Get Your Garden Ready For Summer In 6 Easy Steps

If you are planning on making the most of your garden and outdoor space this summer, then now is the time to start preparing your garden. Our gardens often become abandoned in the winter which means there is often work to be done, in order to get it ready

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Make your own Chocolate Easter Eggs & Bunnies

With Easter just a couple of weeks away, why not get the whole family involved and make your own Easter eggs or chocolate bunnies.  This could be a really fun task to do at home and would make for brilliant gifts to give to friends and other family members.  

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Making the perfect Blackberry Jam

Blackberry picking season is upon us!

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