Lawsons Sustainability Promises

Products - 'To Buy better and make it last'

  1. To source fair trade products where possible
  2. To source products made from sustainable or recycled materials
  3. Making sure our suppliers are regularly inspected, have anti-slavery policies and all workers receive fair pay
  4. To source high quality products that are durable and long lasting
  5. Introduce more sustainable product lines

Reducing Plastic

  1. We have eliminated single use plastic bags from our stores
  2. Where possible replace plastic packaging with reusable, recycled or home compostable
  3. Introduce more refillable products to reduce plastic waste

Reducing Waste

We recycle over 90% of all packing materials we receive, ensuring we have as little impact on the environment as possible.

  1. Reduce waste where possible
  2. Send no waste to landfill
  3. Re-use cardboard boxes
  4. Recycle as much waste as possible

Building & Transport

  1. Reduce carbon emissions
  2. Introduce energy efficiencies such as electricity, heating and water usage