See the Tower Spudnik Spiralizer demonstrated by Mal Harradine at the Flavour Fest Kitchen Theatre

Ideal as a substitute for carbohydrate packed pasta and noodles, vegetable spirals create a healthier version of your favourite foods – they’re an ideal accompaniment for pasta sauces, pesto and even stir frys. They even do magic! Children eat more fruit and vegetables when they’re spirals, as they add a sense of fun to dinnertimes.

The Tower Spudnik Spiralizer has a high-quality julienne cutting blade which slices through a wide variety of vegetables and fruits effortlessly, creating 3mm, 6mm or full slice spirals. From carrots, courgettes and aubergines to tougher vegetables like potatoes or sweet potatoes, the Tower Spudnik Spiralizer makes quick work of them all, with the ergonomically designed handle taking the hard work out of food preparation.

Get yours from the Lawsons stand at Flavour Fest 2016, opposite the Kitchen Theatre.