After a rather sudden and strange end to the academic year and some children not officially completing their current stage, the summer holidays are upon us once again and we begin to prepare for the next school year. For some this can be a huge step as younger children transition from nursery or preschool to primary school, some from key stage 1 to key stage 2 and others are finishing their primary education and moving on to secondary school.

A new school year means new uniform and this can be both exciting and daunting, if not a little costly especially if you have more than one child to buy for. It is probably a good idea to be prepared and start early so that you can spread the cost. It’s also a good idea to invest in good quality garments that offer better value for money and tend to need replacing less as they are less likely to shrink or discolour and are usually much more hard wearing.

Why Is Uniform Important?

Reduces Bullying and Peer Pressure

School Uniform has many benefits, firstly it saves parents from spending a fortune on ever changing fashion trends but more importantly all children wearing the same uniform reduces the risk of bullying over something so trivial as the latest pair of trainers or style of jeans.  It also means that children from a range of various backgrounds start off on a level footing and ensures that everyone has the same, fair start to their academic journey.

Introduces A Sense Of Belonging

School uniform shows that you are part of an organisation. It provides students with a sense of belonging to their school and can build identification for the school within the community. Wearing a uniform with pride shows respect for the school and it’s morals.

Improved Behaviour

Uniform has been shown to improve behaviour both inside and outside of the school gates.  It means that children can concentrate on their work, free from distractions.  Most pupils also tend to be more conscious of their behaviour whilst they are wearing uniform, especially when not in school, as they know that the community can recognise which school they are from and any bad behaviour can be easily reported.

Improved Work Ethic

Wearing a uniform introduces a sense of responsibility, pride and instils professionalism and a work ethic from the very beginning. It prepares students to dress appropriately for work and these good work habits will become valuable later in life.

Uniform At Lawsons

Here at Lawsons, we understand the importance and positive impact that uniform brings to a pupils academic life. Children are exposed to a range of overwhelming challenges that could be detrimental to their mental health and wellbeing and a school uniform is an essential way to alleviate some of the pressure.

We stock a range of high quality school uniform and sports kits for local schools.  Our range includes essential items such as blazers, cardigans, shirts, shorts, skirts, jumpers, bookbags and PE / sports kits.

We supply uniform for the following schools:

  • Ivybridge Community College School 
  • Tavistock College School
  • Totnes King Edward VI College 
  • Stowford Primary School 
  • Woodlands Park Primary School
  • Manor Primary School Uniform 

Ivybridge College Boys Navy Blazer

Ivybridge College Pulse Fleece Top

Ivybridge Community College Tartan Skirt

Stowford Primary School Cardigan

Tavistock College 100% Cotton Jumper

KEVICC Long Sleeve Non Iron Blouses

Woodlands Park Primary Sweatshirt

Manor Primary School Book Bag

School uniform is about so much more than clothes, it impacts a students work, their behaviour and their peers. Whilst most children (and parents) hate it, there will come a day when they reach the end of their school days and will be putting it on for the last time. To browse our full range of school uniform available at Lawsons click here.