The evenings are getting longer and while the weather is a little unpredictable at the moment, we should be seeing sunshine very soon. The last year has been difficult for everyone, and while some of us are dreaming of drinking cocktails out of a coconut on a beach somewhere, many of us still aren’t ready to travel or can’t travel due to family or money.

So, why not make the most of the summer months and plan ahead for a staycation, right in the comfort of your own garden? No airports, no 3AM taxi runs and no packing a suitcase - bliss!

Okay, so we know a garden can’t quite compare to a week by the pool, but simply by upgrading your garden or outside space a little, you can transform it into a peaceful space you can escape to and relax in. Whether you want to relax in a comfortable chair with a good book, invite friends and family over for a sizzling BBQ or play games with the grandkids, here at Lawsons, we have you covered.


When you’re finished with the day, there’s nothing better than relaxing in warm sunshine with your loved ones with good food, drink and conversation.

The quickest way to add a whole new look to your outdoor space is by investing in some high quality, durable outdoor furniture. The stylish Teak Bistro 3 Piece Garden Furniture Set is simple yet elegant and is also completely foldable to allow for ease of storage. For a sleeker look, try the sturdy yet attractive Faux Rattan Folding Lounge 3 piece Garden Set which is easy to clean and is specially constructed for a long life which makes it perfect for outdoor dining.

If you’re preparing a spread for your guests, you can add life to your display by presenting the food and drinks in stylish bowls, plates and cups in an array of prints and colours for the perfect Alfresco Dining experience. If you’re looking for something fun, try adding fresh fruit to the Sara Miller London Portmeirion Flamingo Melamine Bowl or make your table look extra sophisticated with the Mediterraneo Catalan Oil Bottle, which is perfect to use when drizzling oils over your salads.

If you’re looking for a pretty plate to impress your guests without the worry of anyone dropping your favourite porcelain or glass sets, shop our range of Al Fresco dining sets, such as the Evie Bamboo Fibre Plates, which are conveniently dishwasher safe for effortless cleaning and great for parties!


There is something magical about a BBQ. Whether you’re cooking up sausages or toasting marshmallows, BBQs are a great way to make your garden feel like a vacation. At Lawsons, we stock a number of BBQ tools to make your BBQ as authentic as possible, from portable BBQs which are perfect for a last-minute gathering to bbq accessories such as Barbeque Woks and Instant Lighting Charcoal to keep the flames hot.

No matter what you’re cooking on the BBQ, from steaks and chicken to the classic sausages or even vegan options and vegetables, you’ll need a knife that will help you cut through your food.

You can now shop the iconic Ukon Knives range at Lawson, which are extremely high quality and versatile. For example, the Ukon GU-01 Chef’s Knife is an all-purpose blade that easily excels at every cutting task you can think of in the kitchen and for a BBQ. The GU-01 is great for chopping vegetables, all kinds of meat and fish, and it can also be used to finely chop herbs or peel garlic to make sure your meals are seasoned to perfection. Whatever the task, slicing, dicing, chopping or mincing, you can rely on this chef’ knife to perform every time.

You can’t forget about those veggies either! Make your Al Fresco dining experience healthier by chopping up ripe tomatoes, crisp cucumbers and a number of luscious fruits with ease with the Global Ukon Vegetable Knife, which is perfectly proportioned for chopping large squashes, root vegetables, cabbages, and even meats!


Once everyone is satisfied and comfortably full, it’s time to relax and enjoy the evening. You can help to create a magical ambience in your gardens with just a few simple tips and tricks.

Lighting can add a soft glow to your outside spaces, like the Status Canberra LED Solar String Lights in Warm White, which can be hung on walls, over shrubbery and even draped over garden furniture - and best of all, they’re powered by solar energy, so no batteries or annoying plugs needed. If you’re looking to add light to candles and jars outside, you can also try tealights, which are a great, cheap way to add a charming glow to your gardens.


Whether it’s because of global travel restrictions or because you’re saving money for future projects or holidays, a staycation at home is a great way to change up your routine and do something fun and exciting from the comfort of your own home.

One of the hardest things to do when enjoying a staycation at home is switching off and unwinding from everything, such as work, personal issues and social media. Whether you are a couple wanting a romantic and relaxing evening filled with wine and good food, or a family looking for ways to entertain the kids, disconnecting from work and social media can allow you to truly sit back, relax and enjoy garden staycations.

So go on, put your feet up with a glass of wine, enjoy a picnic in the sunshine or even lose yourself in a competitive game of table tennis. While it might not be watersports on the beach or camping around a fire, a staycation might be just what you need.