From humble beginnings to becoming an iconic kitchen staple, the Le Creuset Volcanic collection is as beautiful now as it was when it first began.

In 1924, a cast-iron specialist called Armand Desaegher and an enamel specialist named Octave Aubecq teamed up together after meeting at The Brussels Fair to create their first product, the famous Cast Iron Pot and the birth of Le Creuset began. In 1925, Aubecq and Desaegher started production in Fresnoy le Grand, France, which is where manufacturing remains to this day almost a hundred years later.

If you’re looking for a quality item that will last generations, then look no further than Le Creuset. Le Creuset foundry uses standard sand-casting methods and after each product is finished by hand, items are sprayed with at least two coats of enamel which makes the enamel resistant to damage during normal use.


This trend-setting, distinctive colour was inspired by the fiery orange of molten iron. The inspiration comes from the “unparalleled spectacle of molten cast iron being poured from a crucible. The signature ombre gradation came about because as that iron cools when it’s being poured it goes from this bright hot orange to a darker orange.” This famous colour went on to become synonymous with the brand.

This gorgeous, rich colour is the heart and soul of Le Creuset and these attractive dishes are as sought after today as they were when they once graced the foundry moulds all those years ago.


From illustrious wedding presents to a perfect gift for a budding chef, treat yourself or your loved ones to one of these showstopping Le Creuset dishes in its most famous colour. We stock everything you’ll ever need, including Stove Top Kettles, Casserole Dishes and Mugs.

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From elusive dinner parties where you just have to impress to social media posts, this modern and timeless collection is sure to grab anyone’s attention. Whether you’re a loyal collector of our everlasting set or if you’re choosing your first classic, flame-orange dish, our volcanic range has something for everyone, so shop now to find your signature piece.

If you’re still not sure, celebrities ranging from Marilyn Monroe to Taylor Swift are also a fan. In fact, there are a number of famous faces and celebrity chefs who love and use this iconic range. Geoffrey Zakarian, an executive chef of multiple restaurants and celebrity chef, stated that “another thing all home cooks need is Le Creuset, it lasts a lifetime,” and Nigella Lawson - who was quoted in the New York Post in 2018 that she has “a particular fondness for Le Creuset enamel cast-iron cookware.”


No matter what you’re whipping up in the kitchen, from hearty casseroles to a fresh loaf of bread, the timeless Le Creuset range in the signature Volcanic colour is a showstopper in any home and will add a touch of class and sophistication to all of your dishes.

There’s a reason why some of Le Creuset’s products haven’t changed during manufacturing since its original products were made in 1925. Trends might come and go, but the Cast Iron cookware range in this iconic colour will always reign supreme with its high quality, versatility, attractive presentation and attention to detail.