Christmas is probably one of the busiest times of year and for most of us, our kitchens become the busiest room in the house during the festive period. Whether it’s mince pies for those unannounced visitors or a full house on Christmas day, you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need.

We have put together a checklist of kitchen essentials you will need this Christmas to ensure that you are fully prepared, stay stress free and can make the most of the festivities. You don’t want to wait until Christmas day to find out that you haven’t got everything you need, so now is a good time to check your kitchen cupboards and go through our kitchen checklist. You’ll find everything you need at Lawsons.

Roasting Tins

Pretty important if you are planning on roasting a turkey or any other joining of meat for that matter.  You’ll need to choose a good sturdy roasting dish or tin and ensure that it is plenty big enough for your meat.  Or, if you are looking to save on the washing up, then we do have some disposable foil trays available here, plus aluminium can be recycled.  

Carving Knife

Carving the bird is easy, with the right tools. A carving board with spikes will stop the meat slipping away from you and a carving fork with a guard will keep your fingers safe. Whether you prefer a traditional carving knife and fork set or an electric carving knife, we have products at all prices including professional carving sets.

Knife Sharpener

If you are happy with your current kitchen knife collection, but feel they are underperforming, maybe a bit of sharpening is all they need.  We have a great collection of knife sharpening products and it’s never been easier to do at home. 

Chopping Boards

Protect your kitchen surfaces whilst preparing and chopping the Christmas veg.  Plus, chopping boards are also useful for slicing bread and serving cheese and biscuits.  We have a selection of wooden chopping boards, colour coded boards and patterned surface protectors. 


Vital if you intend to offer plenty of different vegetables.  Saucepans are so versatile and are also perfect for keeping the gravy warm whilst you dish up.  We have a fantastic choice of saucepan sets as well as individual pots and pans available from top name brands including Stellar, Judge and Le Creuset.     

Gravy Jug

You’ll definitely need one of these if you like to serve additional gravy at the table.  There’s an abundance of colours and styles of gravy jugs to choose from, plus our range of clever gravy separator jugs have another purpose - the lovely gravy pours from the bottom and the fat that's risen to the top is trapped and left behind. So you have spare calories for another roastie!

Kitchen Timer

Work out your schedule and stick to it - use a kitchen timer rather than remembering to check the clock all morning.  Plus, you’ll be able to keep track of meat cooking times and relax until it reminds you again.

Meat Thermometer

You can never be too careful! Check the meat's properly cooked and put your mind at rest with a meat thermometer.  Your turkey should read a temperature of 70 degrees celsius when cooked thoroughly. 


We stock an incredibly extensive range of kitchen utensils and this includes everything from spatulas and whisks to pastry brushes, wooden spoons and tongs.  Everything you need to serve a big family meal, plus we have some lovely festive designs such as The Snowman collection.


Stacking steamers take up less space, so you can do everyone's favourite vegetables without filling the whole hob.  Or, if you want something a little simpler we would thoroughly recommend an electric steamer with a timer function, which will mean one less thing you’ll have to remember!

Oven To Table Dishes

Keep the washing up to a minimum and make serving dinner easier, with our range of oven-to-table dishes. Take the roast potatoes, stuffing or cauliflower cheese out of the oven and then just place them on the table and let everyone help themselves. Le Creuset’s range of stoneware dishes are available in an array of beautiful colours and will look great on any dining table.

Storage Containers

Food storage containers are the ideal solution for storing all of those leftovers and will keep them fresh ready for a Boxing Day spread.  We think they are rather essential and with a range of sizes and shapes to choose from, we have something for everyone.    

Coffee Maker

Ideal for making the perfect cup of after dinner coffee, a coffee maker will add a little bit of luxury to your Christmas.  With a choice of manual cafetieres and electric coffee makers to choose from, you can treat yourself.  It is Christmas after all. 

Whether you are a first time host this Christmas or a seasoned professional, the commotion of Christmas can make anyone forget an essential item.  We hope that this checklist proves useful and that you can find everything you need for Christmas Cooking, plus we offer free delivery over £60, so make Lawsons your one stop shop.