We all know that EasiYo yoghurt is great tasting and easy to make, but there are also plenty of nutritional benefits.

The cultures found in yoghurt are natural for humans as lactic cultures naturally inhabit the human intestine. These cultures occupy the surface area and absorb nutrients, secrete lactic acids, secrete natural antibiotics and ease the passage of waste. They therefore improve digestive health.
The full health benefits of yoghurt can be gained if the cultures are live, however these don't last very long (a couple of days), so by making your yoghurt and eating it fresh, you can get the full benefits.

EasiYo is full of protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals, so it doesn't just taste good, it also does you good!

Wheat & Gluten Free / Suitable for Vegetarians
All EasiYo yoghurts are wheat free and gluten free. Although they aren't suitable for vegans (as they contain dairy products), they are suitable for vegetarians.

Nutritional Values
The individual product nutritional values are shown on the product pages, but here are some of our popular EasiYo sachets.

Average quantity per 100g

Easiyo Fat Free Natural Yogurt Mix
Energy: 206kj/49 kcal; Protein: 5.0 g; Carbohydrate total: 7.4 g

Easiyo Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt Mix
Energy: 319kj/76 kcal; Protein: 4.8 g; Carbohydrate total: 11.5 g