Born in Kingston, Jamaica and classically French trained, Euten brings together a blend of African-Caribbean, British, Oriental, Spanish and Mediterranean cuisines.

His career began in 1989, and includes working at some of the London West End top restaurants and private members clubs. His first restaurant, Eutens Restaurant & Bar of Covent Garden, was at the time London's only Caribbean themed Restaurant. He has served many prestigious clients, including the late Princess Diana, MPs and music celebrities.

As executive head chef and catering manager at Addington Palace in Surrey, he won the 2006-07 Caribbean Food and Drinks awards 'best non-Caribbean venue serving Caribbean cuisine'. Euten contributed all of the recipes for the Walkerswood Caribbean Kitchen cookbook, has appeared on TV shows including Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall's 'Hugh's 3 Good Things', and has been a consultant to organisations such as Barts, Asda, Walkerswood Foods, and Encona Sauces.

See Euten at the Flavour Fest 2016 Kitchen Theatre at 2.30pm on Saturday 04 June