The Crabstock concept was devised in 2012 by shellfish fisherman Adrian Bartlett and chef Matt Ayres, to inform consumers about the benefits of eating shellfish and to get local communities involved with Britain’s fishing industry through a live music and food festival.

Adrian has worked in the industry for over 25 years. He says “We believe that more people want to know about raw ingredients, where they come from and what they can do with them. We also want to encourage more people to try the different varieties of crab that are available and so through our ‘Pick it, Dress it, Eat it’ demonstrations we show just how simple it can be to prepare.”

As well as raising money for local charities, Crabstock events also support the Fishermen’s Mission.

See Adrian at the Flavour Fest 2016 Kitchen Theatre3.30pm on Saturday 04 June and 12.30pm on Sunday 05 June