If you are planning on making the most of your garden and outdoor space this summer, then now is the time to start preparing your garden. Our gardens often become abandoned in the winter which means there is often work to be done, in order to get it ready to be enjoyed to its full potential. Whether you intend to have friends and family around to enjoy barbecues in the sunshine or just want to make sure you and the children have a nice place to play and relax, our 6 simple steps will give you all the guidance you need to do just that.

Clean The Barbecue, Garden Furniture, Patio and Decking

It’s surprising how much dirt, debris and even algae can accumulate on garden furniture, a patio or deck during the colder months. It’s really easy to quickly brighten them up and give them an instant lift. Barbecues often just need a good brush down and then a rinse with some soapy water. With regards to patios, decking and furniture, you could use a pressure washer or you could just give them a good scrub with some hot soapy water and a brush. We have a range of specialised cleaning detergents specifically for patios, decking and garden furniture that will help to restore them back to their former glory.

Brintons Patio Magic 2.5ltr

HG Sunshade & Parasol Restorer 500g

Jeyes Heavy Duty Outdoor Cleaning Wipes

Clear Out The Shed

Now is the perfect time to declutter the shed and sort through anything that may have been stored here for the winter. Take everything out, sort through what you need and don’t need and give it a good sweep before putting everything back in an organised way. This means you’ll be able to find those much needed tools and equipment easily when you need them without rummaging around for too long.

Treat Or Paint The Fence

The bad weather can really impact our garden fences, so it’s worth giving your fence and your shed some TLC.  A specialised fence paint or treatment will make it look as good as new and help to protect it from the elements.  There are many garden paint colours to choose from now that are suitable for fences, sheds and even garden furniture that will completely transform your garden, add colour and brighten it up.

Ronseal Fence Life One Coat Paint - Red Cedar 5Ltr

Ronseal Garden Paint Cornflower

Ronseal Garden Paint Sundial

Look After Your Lawn

Many months of cold, wet weather can take its toll on our lawns and by now many will need some attention to get them looking great again.  It’s worth using a garden fork to make holes or a wire rake to scratch the surface to help the ground with aeration.  This also helps to prevent water logging and compaction and lets sunlight through.  Remove any weeds by hand and then mow the lawn.  It is important not to mow the grass to less than 1cm as cutting it too short can make it look unhealthy.  If you are pushed for time a strimmer is a great way to tidy up the edges. Within our range of Lawn Care products you will find everything you need to have your grass looking great in no time.

Greenblade Garden Rake 16 Prong Metal

Greenblade Stainless Steel Digging Fork 

Flymo Hover Vac 250 Grass Mower

Keep Weeds At Bay

It’s important to get rid of weeds, before they become too established and the best way is to pull them out from the root.  They can start taking over your lawn, flower beds and even your patios and pathways.  If it feels like you are fighting a losing battle with weeds then it may be a good idea to purchase a specifically designed weed killer.  We have a selection of Weedkillers suitable for a variety of different applications.

Weedol® Gun!™ Lawn Weedkiller 800ml

Weedol Pathclear Weedkiller 6 Tubes

Roundup Fast Action Weedkiller 2.5ltr Ready to Use

Decorate Your Garden

There are many ways to really brighten up and decorate your garden.  Planters and hanging baskets filled with bedding plants will bring instant colour without costing a fortune, what’s more they will attract beautiful pollinators such as bees and butterflies..  You could hang some string lights or solar powered garden lights to add interest and bring a lovely cosy effect in the evenings or light some citronella candles that will keep away uninvited insects and provide a lovely scent and ambience to your summer evenings in the garden.

Gardman Rustic Hanging Basket 35cm

Stewart Cotswold Square Planter Limestone Grey

Solar Hanging Lightbulb

STV Citronella Tealights

We have a vast range of Gardening products to assist you with getting your garden ready for summer. These steps are just a guide and are definitely not exhaustive, but will ensure that your garden is ready for summer whatever you love to do. Whether it’s cooking and dining outside, playing with the children or just a place to relax and catch some rays, a little bit of effort can make your garden a truly special place to enjoy all summer long.