Steam is the easiest, cleanest and most environmentally safe way to clean your home. This natural method is the perfect alternative to chemical cleaning products. There are a variety of different steam cleaners on the market today that have been designed to be used to clean everything from your kitchen floor to your 3 piece suite.

Steam cleaning is actually one of the most cutting-edge applications of a natural power source. Steam is nothing new, it emerged from geysers and volcanoes for thousands of years before people even thought about cleaning. It wasn’t until the 1700s when people realised it’s potential for practical use.

Steam Cleaning Is Environmentally Friendly

Steam cleaning requires no chemical products.  It combines the power of the steam with high temperatures that together have the ability to break down stubborn dirt and grime.  By avoiding the use of chemicals to clean you are reducing the amount of packaging being produced and the resources that go into disposing of it.  It will also reduce your shopping bill.  

Tap water is an incredibly effective way to clean once converted to steam.  Just one litre of tap water can produce 1700 litres of steam.  That’s enough steam to adequately clean for 20 minutes or an entire small apartment.  Energy consumption is kept to a minimum because electricity is only required to heat the water.

Steam Cleaning Is Healthier

Eliminating chemical products from your usual cleaning routine will of course be healthier for you and your family.  Unlike chemicals, steam will not leave a potentially hazardous residue behind on surfaces making it perfect if you have little ones who like to put everything in their mouths.  Steam is a great alternative for those who suffer from allergies because steam forces dust particles together and prevents allergens such as dust mites and excretions from being released into the air.  This greatly improves the air quality and reduces the amount of physical exertion because the steam does all the work!

Steam Cleaning Is Highly Effective

The blast of steam combined with the temperature are what makes cleaning so effective.  Steam can get into the hard to reach places really easily and ensures a very thorough clean.  A steam cleaner can be used alongside a cloth or brush for more difficult or stubborn areas.

Steaming is a much quicker method and even the most difficult grime and grease can be dissolved quickly and often means scrubbing is unnecessary.  Similarly to how a steam iron removes creases quicker than a non-steam iron. 

7 Great Advantages Of Cleaning With Steam

1 - Steam is environmentally friendly.  No cleaning chemicals are required and it requires a low rate of water and energy consumption.

2 - Steam provides a safe and hygienic way to clean and can access hard-to-reach places.

3 - Steam cleaning is relatively effortless and requires no scrubbing or polishing.

4 - Steam is healthier and eliminates the need for harsh cleaning agents.

5 - Steam is versatile and can be used to clean floors, kitchens, bathrooms or windows, soft furnishings as well as for ironing.

6 - Steam cleaning is much faster saving time.

7 - Steam is cheaper because there is no need to buy any other products. 

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Now that you know all about steam cleaning, we hope that you will make the easy decision to switch.  Steam cleaning has some great advantages; it’s much quicker, highly versatile, really easy and is definitely a cheaper option compared to buying multiple cleaning products.  Invest in a multi-purpose steam cleaner, it could change your life.