We understand that this Autumn and Winter could be really difficult for a lot of people, especially with the cost of energy, fuel and food, amongst other goods, being more expensive than ever before. Whilst there is a little support from our government, people will still be concerned about the costs of keeping cosy.

As the colder temperatures creep in, you may be looking for ways to stay warm without taking on the big costs involved. Here are some top tips to do just that:

Wear Layers

Wearing extra layers is a good way to insulate the body and keep warm.  Layers ensure that warmth doesn’t escape from the body so quickly or easily.  It traps the warm air and therefore keeps you warmer for longer.  About 40 percent of body heat is lost through the head and neck so it’s a good idea to wear a scarf and a hat.
Extra blankets will offer the same benefits whilst you sit watching TV, work from home or even at bedtime. These extra layers are sure to keep you toasty and warm.  If you are looking for a new blanket or soft and fleecey throw, we have a great choice available over on our website.

Stop Draughts

Draughts from doors and windows will make your home colder and stopping the draughts will make a huge difference. Check seals on windows and doors and replace if necessary. A Draught Excluder is a great choice for placing along the bottom of doors and will certainly keep draughts out of a particular room. Floor to ceiling curtains are also good at stopping draughts in their tracks and can be used at doors and windows. Close your curtains early to keep out the cold night air.

If you are using a particular room for a longer period of time, then closing the door will help to trap heat inside. It’s simple and highly effective and paired with a draught excluder will make it even more efficient.

Stay Active

Keeping active boosts circulation which helps your body to stay warm.  Avoid being stationary for too long.  If you are working from home, try to get up and move about every hour.  Going for walks outside is also great even if the weather is cold.  Wrap up, put on those gloves and a hat and get moving.

Consider Air Fryers, Slow Cookers & Soup Makers

Air Fryers, slow cookers and soup makers are cheaper to run than conventional electric ovens.  Whilst you may think that a slow cooker turned on high for 8 hours will consume a lot of energy, their usage is actually very low, probably the same as a lightbulb. They are incredibly versatile and you can cook almost anything in them.  They also don’t require fat or oil for cooking and will ensure that all of your ingredients retain their nutrients and goodness to produce super, healthy meals.    

Soup makers are really fast at making simple, hearty and nutritious meals.  They can save you money compared to shop bought tins of soup and could save you around a quarter of the bill.  They make soup in a short space of time and so use little energy too.  

Air Fryers have become so popular and allow you to ‘fry’ a wide range of foods in a healthier way.  Not only that, they use a fraction of the usual oven cooking time and will generally cut your electricity usage in half.  However, this will depend on the energy rating of the appliance, your location and your current energy tariff.  

All of these cooking options will help you to produce delicious, warming meals and save you money in the long run.

Make Hot Drinks Last Longer

We all know that boiling the kettle consumes a high amount of energy and with the busy lives we all lead, we tend to forget about the hot cuppa we made 20 minutes ago and by the time we come back to drink it, it’s stone cold.  To save energy and keep your hot drinks hotter for longer, why not consider using a thermal travel mug or maybe even a flask.  Both are designed to keep hot drinks warmer for longer and this will help you to stay warm as you’ll have a ready made hot drink available at arms reach.  They can also be used for hot soups! 

Heat The Body

The most efficient way to stay warm is to heat your body rather than the whole house or the room that you are in.  There are plenty of solutions for this, some of which we have mentioned already but if you are still feeling the chill, we’d highly recommend a hot water bottle or an electric blanket.  Perfect for snuggling up and getting cosy, both of these solutions are sure to keep you warm all night long.  We have traditional hot water bottles as well as microwavable characters, which are a great option for the children.  Our range of electric blankets have various heat settings and some can even be used on low all night, which is when energy costs are generally lower.  

We hope that you find these tips useful and help to put your mind at ease so that you can stay warm and comfortable all the way through to the spring. You can browse our full Autumn collection here.