As spring is quickly approaching, let’s be honest we are all seeking weather that is a little warmer, now is a good time to get everything you need in order to love your garden.  Looking after and preparing your garden for the key growth months will be so much easier if you have everything that you need.  Whether you want to keep things simple with a few pots or if you are a bit more green fingered and would love to grow some fruit and vegetables, you will only need to shop with Lawsons.

Gardening Tools

The first step to good garden maintenance is ensuring you have the right tools for the job.  If you are a seasoned gardener then you may well have everything you need to tackle weeds, plant new bulbs and to water your garden.  However, those new to gardening may need to start from the beginning and you’ll need to start with our essential gardening tools list which includes:

  • Secateurs - perfect for pruning and tidying up overgrown plants or to take cuttings and encourage new growth.
  • Hand trowel & fork - both suitable for a wide range of tasks including weeding, potting, breaking up soil and seed sowing.
  • Watering can - perfect for keeping your seedlings and young plants hydrated lightly and evenly.
  • Hose - essential for quickly watering established plant beds and lawns. 
  • Spade - you’ll need a good spade for digging and planting.
  • Fork - useful for vegetable patches and borders to get them ready for planting.
  • Hoe - great for skimming away weeds.
  • Rake - an absolute must for preparing the ground for sowing and for tamping to firm it back up again.

Gardening Gloves

Before you start any gardening task, you will probably need to consider hand protection.  There are a vast choice of gardening gloves available, suitable for different jobs and weather conditions.  Certain gloves will offer protection from thorns and other potential hazards but a good pair of all-rounders such as The Briers Multi Grip All Rounder Green Glove would be ideal for most gardening tasks.

Greenhouse & Propagation

If you would like to grow your own fruit and vegetables or produce new plants from existing ones, our greenhouse and propagation section is for you. An easy to assemble, cold frame greenhouse will offer a simple solution for growing tomatoes and similar fruits.  A greenhouse will help to create a little microclimate where you can control the temperature and the humidity to enhance the conditions needed for healthy growth.  A propagator is a great way to carefully grow seedlings, offering them similar conditions to a greenhouse and enabling you to keep a close eye on them.  We also have a great choice of seed pots, potting trays and other accessories to help you get started. 

Garden Bulbs & Seeds

Now is a good time to get those summer flowering bulbs and seeds into the ground.  Once your flower beds and borders have had a bit of TLC, and they will need it after the winter months, you can start planting.  Freesias, Peonies, Lilies and Gladioli are great for producing summer flowers.  If you are looking to plant vegetables, it is better to wait until the soil is a little warmer. However, March is a suitable time to plant cooler-season vegetables such as onions, that can withstand a frost.  They could be placed directly in the ground, under a cover or even in containers and we’d recommend planting several varieties at a time for a continuous harvest.    

Plant Pots

Plant pots are a great choice if you have a small garden.  They can be used to brighten up a balcony, patio or decked area and are really versatile.  You can grow almost anything in a planter.  Plant pots are less vulnerable to disease and pests and can save you time with weeding.  Growing in plant pots is an easy option for beginners and can be moved around to follow the required growing conditions.  There is a lot of choice when it comes to the type of plant pots available.  We stock a variety of plastic planters, in various different shapes, sizes and colours and some have even been made to look like stone and lead but offer a lightweight alternative to those materials.        

So, we’ve told you about the things that you may need in order to love your garden and give it the attention it requires in order for it to flourish over the spring and summer months.  You can browse all things gardening related here and now all that’s left to do is get those gloves on and get out there.