Originally from Sheffield, Andy won Young Chef of the Year and Sheffield Chef of the Year before moving on to work in Greece, Ireland and London. He’s been in Devon for around six years, working as sous chef at River Cottage for three years before moving on to The Oyster Shack.

The dishes and the atmosphere at The Oyster Shack are similar – unfussy, relaxed, and thoroughly enjoyable. Andy showcases some of the best seafood and local produce the region has to offer; it’s often busy but the wait is well worth it!

Andy says "I had worked briefly at The Oyster Shack while waiting for River Cottage to get up and running so I knew the place well. I love it here. The vibe is funky and relaxed plus I'm working with good food. The key to the best seafood is freshness. Fresh and simple is best."

See Andy at the Flavour Fest 2016 Kitchen Theatre4.00pm on Sunday 05 June

The Oyster Shack, Bigbury-on-Sea