On average, a UK family of four throws away £70 of food each month. WRAP are working to reduce that, and Lawsons are proud to support them with Love Food Hate Waste, to help you get more from your shopping by making the most of all the food you buy and making food last longer. Less wasted food, less wasted money.

Don't just buy things because they're on offer or they look nice. Make a meal plan before you go to the shops, and stick to your list. One ham joint can be used for so many meals - ham, egg and chips, carbonara, quiche or flan, omelettes, pea and ham soup...

Those bits you chop off the veg and throw away? Don't!
- Leave the skins on potatoes and carrots, just scrub them thoroughly.
- Include the leaves and stalks in cauliflower cheese.
- Use the whole of a leek or spring onion, green bits as well as white.

Transform stale bread into french toast, bread-and-butter pudding, or blitz into breadcrumbs for a gratin topping on your pasta bake. Got veg that's looking a bit sad? Chop it up, simmer with stock, blend it - hey presto, fresh soup! You could use some of that stale bread for croutons.

Curries and casseroles make a hearty meal from all sorts of odds and ends, and mashed potato plus leek/spring onion/cabbage/other random green veg equals a tasty colcannon side dish.

Jus-Rol broccoli, cheese and onion puff slice - click picture for recipe

Fridge Ends Flan
Roll out shop-bought puff pastry, score it all round 1cm from the edge, spread the middle with tomato puree or another sauce you like, then top with whatever you have to hand including some cheese. Bake for 15 mins at 200°C. Serve the flan with chips, boiled potatoes or salad. This is a great way to use up those little bits in the fridge - the end of a jar of pesto or red onion marmalade, half an onion, half a pepper, an odd couple of mushrooms, half a tin of tuna, the scraps of meat from a roast or that ham joint mentioned above...

Make sure your fridge is at the right temperature (5°C), and food will keep for 3 days longer. Use air-tight boxes to keep food fresh longer. Store root veg in cool dark places.

Compost food waste if you can, or use your local council's recycling facilities to dispose of it - don't put food waste in your regular rubbish. Separate all your waste as requested, so as much as possible can be recycled. Use kitchen bins with internal sections to separate out as you go, rather than doing it all the night before!

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