Whether you are moving away or moving into Plymouth, Lawsons is here to help! We are your local shop just across from the university, helping make your student house a home.

It’s a daunting task moving away from your parents and into halls for the first time. There is so much to buy and so little space. Most halls are kitted out with a lot of what you will need so we recommend checking out what you have got before spending your precious student loan!

Space is very limited in halls so make sure you bring only what is needed. Here is a list of essentials that you can find at Lawsons that will help you to prepare for freshers’ week!

Kitchenware University Checklist

Make sure you check out what you already have in your halls before buying, but it is always nice to have your own, clean kitchenware that you can use at all times!

- Plate

- Bowl

- Mug

- Glass

- Sharp Knife

- Scissors

- Tupperware

- Bottle opener

- Chopping board

- Tongs

- Ladle

- Spatula

- Wok/Frying pan

- Sauce pan

- Colander

- Measuring jug

- Can opener

- Peeler

- Grater

- Tea towel

- Washing up liquid

- Bin bags

- Try an eco-alternative to cling film – our reusable beeswax wrapping paper!

Bedroom University Checklist

Most halls of residence will have a single bed but check first before buying bedding! It’s also a good idea to get a mattress protector. It can get very chilly in student accommodation so the more blankets and duvets the better!

- Duvet

- Pillow

- Bed sheets

- Mattress Protector

- Coat hangers

- Clothes horse

- Vacuum storage bags

Bathroom University Checklist

- Shower mat

- Bath Towel

- Hand towel

- All of your toiletries!

Don’t forget about all your documents and special things from home too!

Wishing you all the luck at university!