The clocks have sprung forward and we are now blessed with more daylight hours which means spring is officially here.  This time of year offers new life, positivity and gives us something to look forward to and it should be the same for our homes and gardens too.  Spring offers the perfect opportunity to bring a breath of fresh air to our home surroundings and at Lawsons we have everything you need to do it.  

Home DIY & Spring Cleaning

Spring is often the time when people spring clean their homes.  This involves a super deep clean or areas and items of your home that may not be cleaned on a regular basis.  It is suggested that spring cleaning dates back to ancient Jewish times when people would thoroughly cleanse their homes in preparation for the celebration of Passover.  In the Catholic church, the altar would be cleaned on Maundy Thursday, the day before Good Friday which falls in the spring.  

Spring is a good time to complete such deep cleaning tasks because you can open windows and if the weather allows, hang things out to dry in the sunshines.  So dust off those lampshades, wash the curtains and clean your carpets and upholstery.  Give your bathroom a good scrub, clean out the kitchen cupboards and don’t forget the handles.  Fix those little things that may have become broken over the last year that you’ve been putting off and you’ll be good to go for another year.  For steam cleaners, carpet washers and a great choice of eco-friendly cleaning accessories, take a look at our Hello Spring DIY range.  

Spring Bedding

The weather can be a little up and down in spring and with the sunnier days we can also still be in for a few cooler nights.  If you are not quite ready for the summer duvet yet then the Martex Eco Pure 10.5tog Recycled Duvet is perfect for autumn and spring.  It has been designed to reduce the burden on the earth's landfills and natural resources by reusing, renewing and recycling.

Cotton sheets and linen is a great choice all year round because it is light, breathable and helps you to regulate your own body temperature.  Bianca 100% Organic Cotton sheets and duvet cover sets are wonderfully soft, comfortable and sustainable.  

Spring means you can opt for light, bright and floral designed bedding sets.  They will help to bring an airy feel to your bedroom and maybe a little bit of spring nature inside.  The Daffodils Classic Duvet Bedding Set from Vantona Home is simple, yet beautifully stylish.  Browse our entire Spring Bedding collection here.

Spring Cookware

We have some fantastic savings across a wide selection of kitchen and cookware.  There’s no reason your kitchen and cookware should miss out on a freshen up this spring.  Introducing new dinnerware and baking accessories is a great way to bring new life into this part of your home.  It’s easy to introduce colour with the Le Creuset Stoneware collection of mugs and for a little Mediterranean feel, how about the Rose & Tulipani Concerto range.  A collection of dinnerware and tableware inspired by the rich and vibrant colours of Italy that can be mixed and matched to create your very own characteristic look and feel. 

Spring Gardening

Spring is the best time to start getting your garden ready for the season and for the summer.  Clean and spruce up those patios, plant those summer flowering bulbs and vegetables, get rid of weeds and generally have a good tidy up.  We have everything you need to complete your spring gardening tasks.  From gardening gloves to protect your hands and a range of garden tools to make things a little easier as well as compost to create new life in the flower beds and pesticides to keep your garden free from unwanted visitors.  Giving your garden a makeover can’t be done in a day but over the space of a few weeks you’ll have it ready for those sunnier days and barbecues with friends.  Check out our Spring Gardening Range here.

We hope that our Hello Spring promotions have everything you need to welcome the season and get your home and garden ready for the lighter, warmer months ahead.